Saturday, 15 May 2010

Time To Make The Bed – A Raised One...

In addition to my 'main' 16' by 11' allotment plot, I also have a couple of beds. The smaller of the two has been well documented with the ongoing 'will-the-carrots-grow-or-won't-they' fiasco. The other bed however, roughly 6' by 6', has so far sat dormant.

Inspired by the beautiful weather, I decided to spend the morning digging the soil over and setting up a raised section at the top of this bed. I set to with a fork and began digging over this very tough soil. I pulled out plenty of stones, bits of brick and several broken old bottles (randomly), as well as the following debris which I presume has been laying dormant since last year:
As I was doing all of this, I received several visits from my friendly robin, who sits on the wood of the raised beds, head angled coquettishly, taking his pick of the worms I have freshly dug up! So far, he has eluded my camera, despite his surprising tameness, so unfortunately I cannot introduce you. Anyway, I digress!

I placed a wooden slat where the raised section was to be and fixed this in place with some broken bits of old cane. I emptied half a 50L back of soil-based compost into the newly-made raised bed and mixed this in with the soil.
I then proceeded to empty the rest of the compost on top of the bed to make a fine, rich base for the plants that will soon be making their home there.
Although the carrots have now finally forced their way through the lumpy soil in the other bed, I feel that preparation like today's will ensure a much nicer space for various fruit and vegetables to grow – it certainly looks the part.

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