Saturday, 15 May 2010

Strawberry (& Tomato) Fields Forever?

I have a confession to make. I have just purchased some strawberry and tomato plants from the garden centre. I have not grown these from seed. I am a bad, naughty urban gardener!

OK, so maybe I'm being a little hard on myself. Work constraints have meant that I haven't got my act together and planted any tomatoes from seed so far this year, so I have made the decision to buy a couple of plants to ensure I do at least have something starting to grow at the present time!

Along with a strawberry plant (I had one on the London Vegetable Garden balcony briefly, which promptly died!), I have bought three different types of tomato plants, 'Super Marmande', 'Moneymaker' and 'Golden Sweet'.

I also aim to get some marigolds in next to these tomato plants as a companion (whiteflies hate the smell), but for now am just hoping that these take well in my newly-dug raised bed!


  1. I think the urban gardening gods will forgive you... nice choice of tom varieties btw.

  2. Callum don't beat yourself up, this year my seed germination has been so darn poor I was in the DIY store checking out what plants they have on offer as I have no choice, if I want home grown food this year I'll have to buy plants in.

  3. I also have bought some stuff, but might I also suggest popping along to your local country market (used to be WI markets and everything is grown or in the case of cakes, cooked by hand locally to you) to buy plants cheaply that other growers have planted. Really cheap prices, for nice plants, plus you get advice on them ! Look at for your nearest market. I bought my tomatoes from there for 50p, and also Lily of the valley, nasturtiums etc.

  4. @camillap - I'm going for variety this year, encouraged by the success of my tomatoes last year! Hopefully I'll get a decent crop out of one of them!

    @Kella - I've learnt that loads of gardeners do this - I only felt guilty as I had not done this on the balcony last year, but managing an allotment that's 2 miles away from the flat is a more challenging task!

    @Elizabeth - I completely agree. I went to a village hall jumble sale near my Gran's house the other week, and just as you say, there's plenty of plants to be had for around 30p! Great bargains - much cheaper than London gardening shops!



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