Monday, 17 May 2010

City dwelling does not mean a limited landscape...

For too long now, gardening has been perceived as a genteel pursuit enjoyed solely by members of Middle England’s bourgeoisie, or retirees with sweeping expanses of garden. Whilst this is, to a certain degree, very much the case, there also exists a grass-roots community of passionate, youthful, urban gardeners keen to shake off the shackles of stereotypical perception.

Up and down the length and breadth of the country, there exist thousands of avid urban gardeners, transforming tiny back gardens, patios, balconies and windowsills into thriving urban oases, from balcony blooms to crops in pots.

Urban Gardeners is a unique social network set up exclusively for this growing community as a place to come together, share experiences, offer advice and seek support. Gardening is an art – one of the most instinctive things in human nature – and this network aims to celebrate this fine art and shake off the elitist image that for so long, has blighted this humble pursuit.

Welcome to a different kind of gardening.

Welcome to Urban Gardeners.

Urban gardeners is a brand NEW social network dedicated exlusively to urban gardeners and those keen to show that this noble art is not solely the preserve of old people! It replaces the London Gardeners' Network, which is being closed in July due to the introduction of extortionate fees. Please do visit it and get involved with this unique venture!


  1. I think it is totally great how you raise the exposure on urban gardening, well done.

  2. i joined the new forum. It looks good

  3. Thanks for the kind comments! Glad you've joined the forum - it's certainly got some great activity going on already, from photos and blogs to interesting discussions in the forum! I hope you get a lot out of it.



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