Saturday, 15 May 2010

Carrots – Never Give up!

In addition to this morning's pleasing potato progress, I was also stunned to see that the carrot seeds I had given up on were poking through the stony, lumpy soil!

Whilst these seedlings aren't in lines as uniform as some of the incredible allotments that surround me, there is a definite order to them and I am so thrilled that they've managed to fight their way through the awful soil.

For future vegetables, I am mixing soil-based compost in with the earth and also making sure it is as fine as possible rather than lumpy and stoney. Nevertheless, these carrots are definitely growing, which allays my fears that they had been planted too shallowly. Unfortunately, you can't really see the lines clearly in any photos, but here are some shots of the baby carrot seedlings:

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