Monday, 24 May 2010

Courgette & Cucumber Seeds - Up!

A week ago last Sunday, I went into organic overload and planted up a variety of vegetable seeds in the London Vegetable Garden potting shed – also known as 'the kitchen'. I managed to successfully tidy up the mess I made; the array of flowerpots dotted around the flat are the only signs of my earthy exploits.

As I explained in last week's post, I have been keeping these pots beneath a warm windowsill. I have placed them on a bin liner, not only to prevent soil and water from staining the carpet, but also because black absorbs heat well. Well, exactly one week on, and no doubt helped by a very hot weekend sat out on the windowsills, the seeds have sprouted!

Well, to be precise, the cucumber and courgette seeds have sprouted. There is a miniscule stem poking through the surface of my Tigrella tomato tray, but this is too small to photography just yet. As for the courgette and cucumber plants, every one of the seeds I have planted (one to a pot) is now up. Here is an example of the flourishing flowerpots – the courgettes (slightly thicker) are on the left-hand side, the cucumber plants on the right.

Hopefully they will be much bigger – and joined by the tomato plants – this time next week.

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