Thursday, 30 July 2009

Overrun with Runners!

In stark contrast to my grand total of two runner beans last summer, this year my preparations on the London Vegetable Garden balcony have reaped a much richer reward. I've blogged about my solid runner bean harvests before now – here is the latest harvest that my girlfriend and I enjoyed this week:

Note the curly one; isn't it refreshing to harvest 'real' vegetables that don't have to conform to stringent supermarket appearance guidelines! I'm harvesting about ten runner beans a week from my balcony at the moment. Does anyone know if they grow to a certain size and then stop, or if you can grow some truly gigantic runner beans?


  1. They can grow really long according to the variety but harvesting them young, tender and often keeps the plant producing more and for longer.


  2. They're very tasty at this length, so will have to keep picking them regularly!

  3. Great site. We have recently started growing tomatoes in planters on the kitchen windowsill. They're growing fast and furiously and pretty soon will require propping up. Do we just buy garden cane/bamboo stakes? When we move them out to the tiny balcony should we transplant them to larger tubs?Thank you.



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