Saturday, 18 July 2009


Since starting the London Vegetable Garden back in the beginning of April, my organic odyssey has produced far more than a few balcony-grown vegetables! I've seen the London Vegetable Garden Twitter account rise to a membership of over 1,200 and the blog has started to receive more and more comments as the weeks go by.

There's no doubt whatsoever that there's a very real urban gardening community out there, all looking for a place to share their city gardening tips, news and stories. Taking this on board, I've decided to set up London Gardeners – a social networking site dedicated to urban gardeners!

On the London Gardeners Network you can meet like-minded gardeners, upload your gardening photos and videos, ask questions in the gardening forum, submit your horticultural blogs and access the latest gardening news.

Now, before this social gardening network site is launched to the wider public, I'm inviting friends of the London Vegetable Garden to join this site and start using it from today! Signing up is free, quick and simple. Once you're a member, you can start talking with other gardeners, loading your pictures, asking advice and getting involved.

Anyone who's ever read this blog has supported the London Vegetable Garden more than they realise – the launch of the London Gardeners Network is the next step in making more people aware of urban gardening issues in London and the UK – I look forward to seeing you on there!


To join the London Gardeners Network, click here

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  1. What a well done site I am most impressed with its layout and contents. Will check it out further when I have more time maybe tonight.



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