Saturday, 4 July 2009

Blooming Asiatic Lilies...

Whilst growing vegetables on the balcony is the primary focus of the London Vegetable Garden, regular readers of this blog will also know that I have various flowers on one side of the balcony. In an attempt to appease my girlfriend, who has noted that our little balcony is being overrun with tomatoes, runner beans and pots of soil, I have made a concerted effort to ensure that my gardening includes botany, as well as horticulture!

A little while ago, I added some Asiatic Lilies to a pot of bedding flowers and their surge in growth has been huge. They were planted as bulbs that had already grown to plants about six inches high. Since then, they have grown to well over a foot in length and have had to be supported by some small canes. Their expanding heads have been threatening to bloom for about a week now and it was this morning that I was met by this beautiful sight:

There's still about twelve more heads waiting to bloom, so I'm hoping for a continuous array of lilies over the next two weeks or so.


  1. im very happy to see them finally come out, and that you do allow me to have a corner for flowers!they are beautiful, i hope they last while. Very excited about the tomatoes, cant wait to eat!

  2. Fabulous lillies, do they smell as lovely as they look?

  3. They do smell as lovely as they look! We often buy cut flowers from a shop to dot around the flat, however these only last for about a week. My girlfriend and I have decided to leave them in the soil to see how long they last there for.

    They certainly make a wonderful visual addition to the London Vegetable Garden and contrast with the purples and pinks of the petunias spectacularly.

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