Saturday, 4 July 2009

Tomato Photo Diary - Flower to Fruit

I thought it'd be quite useful to show you the various stages the tomato plants on the London Vegetable Garden have been going through when flowering. With the plants now well established and several trusses on the go, here is a visual record of how my flowers have grown into fruit.

1) The first stage – trusses form on the plant and flower.

2) The flower starts to shrivel slightly and a tiny tomato fruit can be seen forming behind the flower.

3) The tomato fruit is swelling and establishing itself quite quickly. The flower is very shrivelled up.

4) The flower has now dropped off completely and the tomato fruit is left to swell and grow.

Now, these four photos were all taken on the London Vegetable Garden this morning, with new and old trusses showing different stages of growth accordingly. It has taken a few weeks to go from flowers to tomatoes, so if you currently have an abundance of flowers on your tomato plants but no fruit, don't be disheartened – before too long, you'll have an abundance of tomato crops growing away nicely and ready for a few salads in no time!


  1. This is brilliant info for novice gardeners. Have you caught the gardening bug? Will you be wanting an allotment or garden next summer?

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I have indeed caught the gardening bug and finding a flat or house with a garden is a key priority for next year! If people can grow fruit and vegetables on London balconies, the possibilities for a garden are endless!

  3. You don't necessarily have to move to find a garden, although looking out on a lovely garden is a great pleasure (she says looking out at a roses beyond her window in very rural Norfolk)

    You could look for an allotment or a share in an allotment, or use of someone's unused garden locally could be sufficent.

    yours2share can help you find a suitable partner.

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