Saturday, 18 July 2009

Runner Beans - Clinging On!

This, the second of my video blog entries, shows that although the runner bean plants on the London Vegetable Garden balcony are shabby, they're starting to produce runner beans...


  1. A great achievement with the RBs Callum! :0) Celia

  2. Thanks Celia - I was about to dispose of them last weekend (due to their dishevelled appearance) but have since found plenty of beans starting to grow! It was perculiar; I had two runner beans about three weeks ago with no signs of anything, and now plenty of small runner beans coming through - and tasty too!

  3. It might be an idea if you want to try this again next year to grow them up a wigwam structure in a very large pot that could be shoved in a corner, maybe the corner closest to the railing to maximise sun and air flow.



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