Thursday, 2 July 2009

From Blog to Press - LVG in the London Lite

Eagle-eyed fans of the London Vegetable Garden that regularly commute, may have noticed a familiar sounding article in this Tuesday's 'London Lite' evening newspaper. I was approached by a journalist at the paper and asked to write a 'how-to' guide for growing indoor vegetables in London.

Happy to help, I turned my vegetable writing efforts from blog to press for a few minutes. Although the article has been considerably cut down, it's still a great piece of publicity for the London Vegetable Garden and hopefully, it will encourage more Londoners to start growing their own vegetables, which of course, is what the London Vegetable Garden is all about!


  1. How fantastic... things can only get bigger... like your tomatoes! Congrats - you deserve it.

  2. Watch this space you might become the next celebrity gardener ;)

  3. Celebrity gardener - you never know! Although I'd quite happily settle for simply having an actual garden!

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    Happy Gardening...



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