Monday, 29 June 2009

Runner Beans on the London Vegetable Garden Balcony!!!

Perhaps one of the most difficult of vegetables to grow from the confines of small spaces such as the London Vegetable Garden, the runner bean has made its first appearance in spectacular style!

After a weekend of extremely hot and humid weather in London, I was preparing to water the plants after work this evening and brushed aside some leaves on the runner bean plant to discover these two beauties!

Hopefully I'll get a few more runner beans in my crop (space permitting) but these are photographic proof that urban gardening in a tiny space CAN bear fruit if you're dedicated enough! I shall keep you all updated on further bean developments as they happen!


  1. Well done! Point proven time and again!

  2. I'm so pleased for you, well done.

  3. that's great ... mine have been flowering beautifully but not really setting. The internet tells me this is because they're not geting enough water. I'm now spraying the buds with water in the evenings ... cross your fingers for me!

  4. Hi All,

    As that girl... says, spraying the buds is a very useful thing to do. So much focus is given to the roots and soil, since that's where the plant drinks from, but spraying the leaves and buds will also help places high up a plant to stay hydrated.

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  6. Hello that-s a very impressive bean type, it looks like celery, I wonder how is it taste.



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