Saturday, 20 June 2009

Don't Strangle Me!

Morning all – just a very quick blog post this morning to kick the weekend off and proffer some green-fingered London vegetable gardening advice. When planting out tomato plants (or any other vegetables / fruits for that matter), many of us tie string or ties around the stem to fix it to a supporting cane.

Now, this is all well and good, but one thing to remember is that plants grow thicker, as well as taller! I was replacing my plant supports with bamboo canes the other evening and came across a piece of string on one of the tomato plants. Now, I thought I'd removed all of these bits of string, so was shocked to see one I'd left!

As you can see from the picture below, the string had indeed been cutting into the stem of the plant as it grew. Luckily I caught this in time, and it has since recovered, but strangling your plants with string and ties is a veritable menace that many amateur gardeners overlook. If you've used (or are planning to use) ties or string, always make sure that you leave some room for growth in the loop and check back regularly.


  1. I was just blog hoppin, and I stumbled upon yours! How neat, I am new to England and I love english gardens!

  2. Hi JM, glad you found your way to the London Vegetable Garden! Hope you enjoy the blog and find some good advice on growing your own vegetables.

  3. One trick I found online is to use bits of old tights as ties - because the material is stretchy, it grows as the plant gets thicker and stops the plants from getting strangled! :)



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