Sunday, 14 June 2009

Tomato Maintenance...

Well, here's another first from the London Vegetable Garden – the first video blog / podcast!

As the tomato plants get nearer to their final growth stage, it's important to spend a few minutes looking after them and performing some quick, green-fingered maintenance. Have a look at the one-minute clip below and please feel free to leave some feedback in the comments section. If you like seeing video clips of gardening advice, this could well be a regular feature on the London Vegetable Garden blog. Enjoy!


  1. Hi. I really enjoyed your tutorial and have been enjoying your blog for a while now. I would definately like to see more video tutorials or a tour around your patio! I am trying my hand at Money-Maker tomatoes (amongst other things) but they are much smaller than yours at the moment. It's my first time growing veg so it's all a learning curve.

  2. Hi Christina, thanks for your kind comments! Using video clips is a great way to really show people complex tasks that may be tricky to write about. I'll certainly plan some more, but as for the tour of the balcony, that wouldn't last very long! Happy urban vegetable gardening :-)

  3. Great video Callum - it's funny but I think things like watering plants and picking off bits of them is actually one of the most fun things about gardening.

    Do you use tomato feed? I've been using a little but find it hard to dilute correctly seeing as I only use old water bottles to water the plants.

  4. I use a Miracle Gro liquid vegetable plant feed once a week (on a Tuesday after 5-a-side football as it goes). I certainly think this helps the plants - they started off in grow bag compost, which contains nutrients for about 6 weeks or so, after which it's vital that they receive food from elsewhere - supplied in this instance by their weekly liquid plant food.

  5. Jordan Ormsby-Smith13 May 2014 at 08:07

    Hi there,
    Really enjoyed this post on how to maintain tomatoes. The video was very helpful and I think I may give growing tomatoes a go. Gives some great tips on how to maintain tomatoes. The blog design is very nice too. Thanks :)



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