Monday, 1 June 2009

From Seed to Plate - Edible Produce!

It may not be a particularly spectacular harvest, but the London Vegetable Garden has enjoyed its first taste of edible, balcony-grown organic produce! Over the past week, the rocket has looked good enough to eat - so we did precisely that! Accompanied by the other half's exquisite lasagne and accompanying many salads, we've enjoyed a surprising amount of rocket from such a small window box.

They say that giant oaks grow from tiny acorns and I hope that although this humble rocket is a modest start to my project, it's a prelude to exciting vegetables to come. Simply a few window boxes are more than enough for any amateur London gardener to produce some enjoyable results and I'd imagine it's not too late to enjoy some of your own.

In just under two months, I've planted, grown and harvested plenty of tasty rocket. All I used was grow bag compost, a window box and plenty of water. If you're diligent enough to check your rocket plants each night for watering, this really is the maximum extent of your efforts. The window box on my balcony faced inwards, so whilst gaining a lot of sun, had some partial shade too. Good luck growing your own - if anyone else has had a rocket revolution, please comment and share your findings!


  1. haven't got rocket, but harvested the first of my lettuce today! Can't say it was spectacular, but certainly more than edible, and of course it tasted all the better for having grown it myself

  2. One of the key things I've found already from this gardening project is the look, texture, taste and smell of real food. Supermarket produce is designed and grown to last in transit and live for a long time on a shelf as opposed to offering any genuine food quality. Good luck with your lettuce and well done for growing your own - keep up the good work!



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