Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Garden Fences: A Guide


Garden fencing can help to create a more private garden area.  Fences come in all range of sizes and styles, meaning budding gardeners can create a personalised environment that’s as unique as their garden.

However, fences are not just about building boundaries, but can add real character and style to your garden.  At the London Vegetable Garden, I like to ‘compartmentalise’ my garden, using fencing to create different areas to enjoy.

As an avid vegetable grower, I like to have a dedicated vegetable ‘patch’ in my garden, but I also like to plant flowers and shrubs to create a more visually-appealing area; and a fence panel between these two areas helps to break up the space and create ‘compartments’ in the garden.

However, fencing can also be used to foster growth and create a ‘living fence’.  Trellises create a framework for climbers to grow up on and can become living, thriving fences that help separate garden areas in a visually striking manner.

However, if you just want something plain and stylish, there is a wide variety of decorative fence panels that can create a unique atmosphere.  Take a look at these decorative fence panels, offering a wide range of styles and looks.  

If you’re looking to create more privacy in your garden, looking to separate different areas, or simply looking for new fencing to make a statement, you’ll find everything you need at Fence Supermarket. 


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