Monday, 11 October 2010

Last of the Summer Wine...

...or vegetables to be precise! That's right; although the UK basked in radiant autumnal sunshine and warmth this weekend, the heady heights of summer's vegetable growing are now well and truly over.

I went for a morning run up to the allotment this morning before work to see if there was anything left for me to salvage before I started putting the bed to bed for the winter. I've managed to pick one last courgette, which in fairness, is now a colossal marrow, along with several green tomatoes:

Whilst I've enjoyed many successes this year on the London Vegetable Garden allotment, my large 'Pomodoro' tomatoes will not be one of them. Grown from seed on a windowsill, they have taken a long time to swell and thus have failed to ripen in time. I'm actually quite gutted, as I thought these would make a large and triumphant addition to my list of home-grown vegetables (although technically a fruit), but it seems they just weren't to be this year.

I'm going to attempt to ripen these tomatoes at home though in one last valiant attempt! I've heard that putting green tomatoes in a cardboard box with some bananas is a great way to ripen them up, as the gases given from bananas act as a natural ripening agent.

Does anyone else have any proven ripening methods? I'd appreciate your knowledge!


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