Friday, 28 October 2011

My Garden School - Fantastic New Online Resource!

I recently received an email from the team at My Garden School: they have just recently launched and wanted me to try one their online gardening courses (one of the perks of having a gardening blog!).

I haven't had time to participate in one of the courses yet due to moving house and starting a new job, but I looked at their site and what they have to offer. I have to say, it’s very original, very useful and it inspired me to write this post - it really is a fantstic online resource that will help budding gardeners everywhere!

Basically, My Garden School offers courses on various topic areas within gardening. Examples include anything from hen farming, growing flowers and building treehouses, to garden design and growing vegetables in your own garden – something I’m very passionate about!

What makes these courses so different is that they are the first and only place to online courses in gardening with acclaimed authors within the areas they are teaching. To name few tutors:

- Michael Marriott – the author of The English Roses.
- David Parfitt - author of Build Your Own Fantasy Treehouse.
- Alex Mitchell – journalist for the Daily Telegraph and author of The Edible Balcony.
- John Brookes – author of Room Outside: A New Approach to Garden Design.
- Francine Raymond – the author of The Big Book of Garden Hens.

The courses are for people at different levels of gardening experience and expertise: beginners, enthusiasts and advanced - so there's something for everyone.

I was looking through their list of courses and was happy to see that they have courses on vegetable gardening. The course which caught my eye was Edible Gardening Made Easy by Alex Mitchell. The course is 4 weeks long and covers quite a few fruits and vegetables that you can grow even if you have small garden or just a balcony in London.

Have a look through the courses and leave a comment to say which course you would choose – this is a fantastic new venture and one that will help all budding gardeners get ahead in their garden.


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