Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Get Set For Spring!

Despite the cold weather and seemingly unending flurries of snow all over the county, the evenings are (slowly) starting to get lighter and buds are already beginning to show on some plants.  As springtime inevitably starts to approach, thoughts naturally turn towards setting the garden up for the forthcoming summer.

Plants, vegetables, flowers and shrubbery are inevitably at the forefront of the gardener’s mind: yet a garden can greatly be enhanced by a few very simple, stylish and natural additions.  Garden furniture and decorations offer versatility and style, with a few carefully considered additions dramatically altering the feel and style of a garden.

One of the first tasks of spring is to tidy up the potting shed, which may have become a dumping ground for anything and everything over the winter months!  At Garden Trading, there are some wonderful items available to help you organise your potting shed and keep everything neat and tidy, including a variety of wall units, storage boxes and my personal favourite, this beautiful 12-drawer storage unit:

One of the undeniably great pleasures of being in the garden is the sound of birdsong.  This year, why not welcome our feathered friends with a selection of bird boxes?  Garden Trading has a wonderful selection of bird boxes, with a variety of styles to suit any garden design, from clean and crisp white models, to rustic, log-effect options.  But Garden Trading also caters for our friends without wings – this hedgehog house is a personal favourite of mine!

Finally, why not consider something stylish from a ‘temperature, tide and time’ range?  We British love nothing more than to discuss the weather, and this classic slate barometer and thermometer set provide information to talk about, while acting as a stylish talking point in their own right!

So why not get carried away with some good old-fashioned British optimism: it’s cold outside but spring IS on the way!  Take a visit to http://www.gardentrading.co.uk and browse a wonderful range of garden furniture, tools and homeware and start planning 2013’s garden today!


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