Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Compost, Manure and Mulch: Prepare Your Soil This Spring!

What many budding vegetable gardeners fail to realise is that what you put into the ground is as important as what you get out of it!  When I started vegetable garden, I often planted things in the ground and then wondered why things struggled to grow, when preparing your soil with a range of compost and nutrients is so vital.

It’s also important to use the right compost for your different gardening needs.  When growing vegetables, I tend to use a good multi-purpose compost which not only retains and absorbs moisture, but also contains Vitalizer – an entirely natural long lasting growth booster for strong healthy plants with minimal feeding.

However, for growing flowers, an ericaceous compost is much more effective: it contains the perfect pH for lime-hating (acid loving) plants, while promoting strong root and flower growth.

Compost Direct is a great site where you can get a range of compost and soil delivered directly to your door.  Compost Direct is the chosen compost suppliers of the National Allotment Society and has a range of great products and services on its site.

I love the fact that Compost Direct offers product samples, allowing you to decide which products are best for you before buying a bulk bag, as well as easy 24-hour ordering and quick delivery, typically within 3 days, leaving you free to get on with the gardening.

So as Spring finally arrives and we start preparing the garden ready for another season of vetegable growing, remember that investing some time and effort into soil preparation can reap huge dividends by the end of the summer.

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