Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Welcome to the London Vegetable Garden...

…or balcony to be precise!

For the past few years now, Britain has rediscovered its love of gardening, organic produce and healthy eating. Waiting-lists for allotments have reached unprecedented levels and programmes such as ‘River Cottage’ dominate Sunday afternoon TV.

Couple all of this with tough financial times and you’re presented with the spectacular renaissance of ‘growing your own’. But whilst many of us are donning old denim and digging for victory in our gardens, thousands of urban city dwellers are left with the same gardening bug but lacking the necessary green space.

As one such Londoner, I’m determined not to let space stop me pursuing my hopes of horticultural heaven. I’m attempting to add vegetables to the list of flowers and plants growing on my modest city balcony and this blog is a record of how I get on…

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  1. Hi,
    I'm a journalist (Evening Standard) - v. interested in your work. Please could you email me at ruthblooomfield@hotmail.com (that ooo is not a typo!) so we can discuss? sounds great. Regards, Ruth.



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