Monday, 13 April 2009

The Origin of the Species...

Whilst this recent horticultural hobby has indeed made me go ‘a bit Darwinian’, the latest species originating on the London Vegetable Garden is the sturdy runner bean. We’re now on Day 9 of the project and overnight the runner beans became the latest plants to break through the soil and show themselves to the world.

We’re only waiting for the carrots to get started now and then we’ll be fully underway. As an update, the rocket is going great guns at the moment. As many of you will be aware, this Easter Bank Holiday weekend hasn’t had the sunniest of weather, although the temperature has remained quite mild, which seems to have suited the plants very well. The rocket shoots are outside and all are leaning towards the sun (whenever it does periodically appear), so I may move these around to a sunnier spot in the next few days.

The tomato seedlings are also now well on the way. I’m keeping these inside the flat, on the balcony windowsill, to make up for the lack of a greenhouse. Hopefully, by the time they’re big enough to be transplanted into grow bags, the weather will be a lot hotter. Investing in a small cloche (or making one myself) may be an option later on down the line.

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