Friday, 24 April 2009

Updates - Day 18...

A quick update – I’m hoping to do some more work in the garden (on the balcony) this weekend. Plenty of you have been emailing in, sharing your tips, so thanks for these – they really are appreciated and most helpful! Plus, a week after planting, the radishes have sprouted already – no doubt spurred on by this mild April weather we’re enjoying in London!

As you know, last weekend I transplanted some of my tomato seedlings into pots so that they would have a bit more room. I was reluctant to move all of them, in case it turned out to be a disaster and I lost the whole crop! Whilst the seedlings that remain in the seed trays admittedly look the strongest, the transplanted seedlings look pretty healthy too.

One piece of advice I received from a post left on the Royal Horticultural Society website explained that when the seedlings are big enough, I should plant in bottomless pots that sit on top of an open grow bag, thus giving the roots plenty of room to spread out in a confined space. Well, I’m going to attempt this with the runner bean plants (that are looking extremely strong at the moment) this weekend.

Unfortunately, a battle with compost bags and public transport beckons, along with the fact that I’m going to have to saw the bottoms off the pots without losing all the soil in the process - I guess that’s simply a price I’ll have to pay in order to yield a magnificent harvest…

As for the rocket, I think I’m going to have to sort this out this weekend. It seems to have slowed down a bit and looks crowded. I’m hoping that by thinning the plants out, they’ll start to grow a bit more again, if the transfer doesn’t affect them badly.

Make sure that you check back to see the developments over the weekend!

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