Tuesday, 7 April 2009

24 Carrot Gold...

As it’ll inevitably be a week or so before I can provide you with anything other than pictures of pots filled with compost, I’ll spend the next few days introducing the various vegetables that I’ve planted. Some have been started outside, whilst other more delicate varieties are staring off inside the flat in seed trays covered with cling film.

The first vegetable to introduce is the humble carrot. I purchased a variety of vegetables from Johnsons’ ‘Compact Gardens’ seed range ‘for small spaces’. Whether my balcony can get away with being classified as a ‘small space’ as opposed to an ‘absolutely minute space’ remains to be seen, but I thought this would start me off well on my quest for vegetable self-sufficiency.

These carrots are ‘Amsterdam Forcing 3-Sprint’ (Daucus Carota) and the packet they arrived in claims that they can even be grown in large pots. With no need to grow and transplant seedlings, I have sown these seeds straight into the aforementioned ‘large pots’ as recommended by the packet instructions.

I must admit, I remain sceptical as to whether my pots are deep enough; but these claim to be baby / finger carrots, so we’ll see how we get on and what starts to happen!


  1. Hello London, this is Holland. I wish you luke with your garden. I think it will be fine. kind regards, Winsum

  2. I wish you all the best too. I live in Wales and am a first time veg grower too, although i have a bit of garden here. I'm sure you'll be successful with your pots

  3. im 13 and really love gardening this is my second year of growing veg.

  4. I'm growing strawberries and cherry tomatoes for the first time on my balcony and you have inspired me to try and grow carrots as well. I hope it works. I think it will be nice to eat a meal knowing that I had grown it myself. Good luck to you. Are you using anything special with them? I'm just watering mine. Do I need to do anthing else?

  5. Hi there,

    I'm using a certain variety of carrot that is suited to small spaces - they won't be huge, but like you said, it'll be satisfying to produce some of my very own carrots!

    I'm using grow bag compost, as it has plenty of nutrients in it, as well as deep pots, so that the carrots have room to grow down.

    Check back on the blog for updates and let me know how your own project gets on - the more people get on board and start commenting, the better!

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