Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wild Flowers in Wild London...

Whilst the majority of London's floral adornment comes in the form of plastic hanging baskets at train stations and dull, regimented squares, there are some stunning natural 'gardens' hidden throughout the capital.

This weekend, I made the short journey up to Stoke Newington and visited Abney Park Cemetery – a wild, overgrown haven right in the centre of this trendy area. A serene location with a dilapidated church in the middle, this cemetery is seriously unkemptunk, yet remains a beautiful example of a natural London 'garden'. These are some of the photos I took of various wild flowers and plants – the full set can be viewed on Flickr by clicking here. Enjoy!


  1. Tomatoes - I have found mine are ripening a lot slower now that the weather has become a bit more changeable. I bought some green tomatoes the other week, and intended to use them green but ended up leaving them in the fruit bowl - and over the course of the week they turned red! They were in partial sun and it is warmer inside too. So maybe try picking some green and putting them somewhere warm and sunny inside? Or near bananas - bananas speed the ripening of other fruit.

  2. Love those arty flower shots :)

  3. Hi,

    I live in London currently, and looking for sweet potato leaves. May anyone know where I can get them. Thanks a lot



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