Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Holey Radishes Batman!

Yes indeed; I have holey radishes! A few months ago, I reported that the London Vegetable Garden's first attempt at growing radishes had ended in success, although with a lot of room for improvement.

Having sown some more radish seeds, I was careful to sow these much more thinly this time, as my previous efforts ended up strangling each other and failing to grow properly. Well, this time, the radishes seem to be growing a lot better, however many of the leaves have holes in them:

I'm not sure what it is that's causing these holes, since the London Vegetable Garden's relative height acts as a good deterrent for pests. Are my radishes being attacked by some unseen pest? Will these holes affect their capacity for growth? Will I get any more radishes this year? I'm hoping that I'll have answers to these questions, along with some pictures of crops, very shortly!


  1. I'm thinking it is flea beetle attack you are getting on your radish leaves, they are very partial to the brassicus family of plants. Your plants are pretty well established so I don't think they will cause a problem. If they were at seedling stage and the infestation was high then the very young plants can succumb.

  2. I get a few pests on the 5th floor of my building. Had a very hungry caterpillar once, and get the odd aphid/whitefly etc infestation.



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