Thursday, 6 August 2009

Red at Last!

It's finally happened – the tomatoes have started turning red! Since planting from seed way back in April, the tomato plants on the London Vegetable Garden balcony have entered the last phase of their growth and started ripening and turning red!

I never thought I'd ever be so excited about tomatoes in my life, but this feeling just sums up how satisfying gardening is – and what an enjoyable feeling it is when you can start harvesting fruit and vegetables that you've grown yourself.


  1. YAAAHH!!! I'm really happy for you.

  2. Isnt a great feeling when they finally start turning red! Then you start dreaming of how they taste! Mmmmmmm!

  3. Congrats. Here in the States our tomatos are late in ripening also. It's been a colder than normal summer and the fruits and veggies are not producing as much and as fast as they should be.

  4. How wonderful! I have yet to experience my first ripe tomato but am expecting it soon. Ah, the pleasure in growing something to harvest is not to be believed unless you do it yourself! May many more tomatoes ripen for you ;) Happy Gardening.

  5. I managed to get a couple of red ones off my plants before they all died overnight from what I can only assume is the dreaded tomato blight. I am so disheartened, all that work for nothing! My peppers are infested with green and whitefly, my beans rotted from all the rain, and I managed to get a whole 5, yes thats five, potatoes from 7 plants. I'm going to the supermarket in future.



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