Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The London Vegetable Garden hits the Evening Standard…

It’s taken a while, but the urban gardening movement has been growing (forgive the pun!) for several months now. In addition to recording the progress of my gardening exploits on this blog, I’ve also tried hard to raise awareness of urban gardening issues and campaigned to increase urban allotments and growing space.

Well, the Evening Standard has now picked up the story of the London Vegetable Garden blog, as well as of the London Gardeners’ Network! Read the full article here, or turn to page 21 of today’s newspaper! (Early edition)


  1. Nice initial crop of Toms. Mine have been coming in a few every day or so. Weather has been unusually cold this summer. But another zuchinni should be ready by friday!!
    Have you noticed how much better the food tastes compared to the store bought mass-grown stuff?

  2. Well done and congrates on your ripe tomatoes, you have waited long enough for them.

    And congrates on the extra publicity for your cause.

  3. I salute you.
    Thank you from those of us for raising awareness of urban gardening, before I got my allotment, i was growing herbs in my window box and some veg in pots in my patio.

  4. Congrats!!! And awesome job spreading the word! The world needs more Gardens and Gardeners

  5. Thank you to everyone that has posted such nice comments! What started as a mini project has grown bigger than I could have imagined! I have met plenty of great people through the London Vegetable Garden and have set up a social network for urban gardeners ( so it's been productive in so many ways!



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