Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Top Tips To Get Your Garden Winter-Ready This Autumn

It all happened so quickly; one moment you’re relaxing in a deckchair in the sun, the next you’re wrapping up warm and sweeping leaves off the drive. It may have been a sudden transition this year but autumn is certainly upon us. Next thing we know, we’ll be shivering away in hats and scarves in the biting cold of winter. And that means that in order to get the best from your garden, you should be changing your gardening habits now, in line with the season to ensure that your plants get through the cold winter months to come. Here are a few things to try.

Plant Your Bulbs

Now is the time to get planting your spring bulbs, in order to give them adequate time to grow. Treat yourself to some hyacinths, crocus, iris and daffodils and you can look forward to a colourful springtime during the bleak winter months. To add some colour all year round, you can also try planting some evergreens such as conifers. The warm autumn soil will help your plants get rooted.

Look After Your Lawn

After the hot summer, your lawn may be looking a little dried out, so autumn is the perfect time to give it some good old fashioned TLC. With the warm soil and plenty of water from the rain, autumn is a great time for re-seeding your lawn. Ensure that the ground is level, spread seeds over the area and keep it moist for a few week; you’ll soon be rewarded with a luscious new green lawn. If you’re not planning on getting the mower out over the winter month, it may also be worth getting it serviced and checking the blades ready for next year.

Feed The Birds

If you have a large garden which often attracts birds, give your feathered friends a fighting chance over winter. You can pick up bird seed mixtures and even cake and food bars at your local pet shop, or just provide them with leftover rice and oats. Set up a bird table or purchase a feeder and enjoy some extra garden decoration from these beautiful creatures.

Tidy Up

Now really is the time to keep on top of your garden before the winter months when you’ll be more reluctant to venture outside. Make sure that you are up to date on your weeding, and trim back any hedges to stop them becoming overgrown. Once the leaves start falling, try to sweep them regularly – about once a week. Dead leaves can attract pests, and you’ll find it much easier to keep on top of things if you don’t allow them to pile up. It is also a great time to clear your shed out; get rid of any rusty old equipment, and disinfect everything else before it goes away for winter.

Invest In A Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is your new best friend during the autumn months; allowing you to easily transport new bulbs, soil, fertiliser, weeds, leaves and more. When choosing a wheelbarrow, consider whether you would prefer a single-wheel barrow – which is easy to manoeuver but can topple easily – or a dual-wheel model, which is stable but more difficult. Invest in a sturdy wheelbarrow of your choice, with puncture-proof, pneumatic tyre wheels to make all those gardening jobs a little bit easier.

This guest post was written by Emma Williams on behalf of Rolltek International LTD. Rolltek are suppliers of high quality wheels, suitable for wheelbarrows, garden trolleys and sack trucks – perfect for all garden work this autumn.

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