Thursday, 19 September 2013

These Boots Were Made For… Gardening!

As the cold mornings and autumnal drizzle wash away all remnants of this year’s warm summer, one could be forgiven for thinking that gardening activity has also been packed up for the year, but nothing could be further from the truth!  One of the things I love about being a gardener is that there’s always something to do, whatever the season, or weather: you just need to ensure that you have the right gear!

While summer gardening is spent standing on firm turf and dry soil, the autumnal months of September, October and  November are often spent in wet soil, muddy flower beds and tramping around in piles of wet and slipper leaves, making the right gardening footwear essential.

Luckily, the unisex Aigle Benyl wellington boots make gardening in the cold and wet a doddle.  Hand-made in France by master craftsmen from natural rubber, the Aigle Benyl is an excellent boot for general use.  Its natural rubber upper keeps you dry, while its polyamide knit, rot-proof washable and fast-drying lining keeps you warm.

So there really are no excuses this autumn: as the old adage goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather; just unsuitable clothing!  So make sure you’re prepared for an autumn and winter of gardening duties this year with the Aigle Benyl wellington boot. 


  1. Hello!

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  2. This post shows your love and interest towards gardening. The information of boots that you provided is really useful for many vegetable suppliers as they have to be in gardens irrespective of seasons.



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