Wednesday, 18 September 2013

It's 2013: why not get a robot to mow your lawn?

Whilst gardening is perceived by many to be a timeless, traditional and rather quaint pastime, the gardener of 2013 can call upon  a truly diverse range of technological gadgets and wizardry to help save time or, if desired, effort!  Take the cutting edge robot lawn mower, the Honda Miimo for example.  Yes, you read heard me correctly: a robot lawn mower!

A wonderful new piece of machinery to help automate the aesthetic beauty of your garden, the Honda Miimo is a truly impressive piece of kit.  A robot lawn mower, this little beauty will run around doing the hard work so that you don’t have to!

While many of you may be worrying about a robot flying off and chopping your flowerbeds up, you needn’t worry!  A full set of cutting patterns can be easily programmed in to give a combination of patterns on your lawn, while the Miimo’s ‘random pattern’ ensures an even overall finish to your lawn.  The Miimo even produced less stress for your grass, ensuring a healthier, happier lawn.

The Honda Miimo will also work for as long as you want it to, thanks to its intelligent charging system.  While its lithium ion battery lasts twice as long as more traditional batteries, it also knows when it needs to re-charge and wheels itself off to the docking station, which can be placed anywhere in your garden, thus ensuring it’s charged and ready to keep mowing!

The intelligence of the Honda Miimo does not stop here however: as with all Honda products, superb design and intelligence has been crafted into the machine.  Rather than having to empty great buckets of grass clippings, the Miimo’s clever automation continues effortlessly.  The machine spreads tiny grass particles, which fall down and are locked under the thatch of the grass.  Not only does this save us gardeners the laborious task of raking up clippings or emptying the machine every five minutes, but it is actually beneficial for the garden itself, fertilising the lawn and reducing weeds on the surface.

Those of you with children or pets may have visions of a rampaging robot running over various animals and children, but this is not the case!  The Honda Miimo has a 360° floating cover, which means it is able to sense contact and will stop the moment it touches a person or a pet, making it a safe and reliable product to enjoy as part of your family life in the garden.

And as we approach autumn, it’s also important to note that the Miimo is completely rainproof, thanks to its sealed inner workings, meaning that you don’t have to keep putting it away in the garden: especially useful for those of you that live in the rainy Peak District like me!

So if you want to enjoy a perfect lawn without the back-breaking work of constant mowing, raking and cutting-collecting, then the Honda Miimo is the perfect product for you.

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