Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Vegetable Seedlings Update: Day 17

It is now 17 days since I planted the first of this year's vegetable seeds (which you can read about here), but already the vegetables are springing into life!

You may recall that I have started my vegetable seeds off in the attic of my cottage, underneath a sunlight, which acts like a mini greenhouse.  Although the weather today has been a tad overcast, the last few days of glorious warm sunshine have really spurred on the growth:





Sweet Pepper

Runner Bean

You'll notice that the last picture of the runner beans is perhaps the most impressive!  The tallest plant stands at 40cm after less than 3 weeks, which is extremely fast!  However, last year my runner beans all struggled outside and were eaten by bugs and withered away very quickly, so I'm determined to have more success this year!

I have read that vegetables producing fruit (tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers etc.) require a great deal more light and warmth than those that we grow for their leaves (cabbage etc.), so I will be looking to implement the former into my greenhouse.

As you know, the London Vegetable Garden blog also loves to experiment and look at gardening tips and projects for limited space, so I will also be looking to utilise this attic skylight garden for some plants, once again, aiming to show you that anyone can have a go at growing their own vegetables, regardless of space!

The nights are still very cool in the Peak District, so I will not look to harden these vegetable plants off just yet, choosing instead to keep them growing into hardier plants in their current position.

Watch this space!

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  1. Ya, the picture of the runner beans is actually most impressive! You are doing great with your gardening stuff! Go on! I enjoyed your post!



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