Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Greenhouses: Not Just Cold Steel!

When one typically thinks of greenhouses, images of steel frames and cracked glass comes to mind: in essence, something that is sparse and cold: the exact opposite of what a greenhouse does!  But greenhouses don’t have to be a cold, steel construction: Gabriel Ash stocks a wonderful range of high-quality wooden greenhouses, including a range endorsed by the RHS itself.

So why choose a wooden greenhouse over a steel one?  One of the first benefits is the aesthetic value.  When designing a garden space to be aesthetically pleasing, matching a timeless wooden shed with a similar greenhouse makes a substantial difference, as indicated here in the wonderful Rosemoor combi from Gabriel Ash:

Instantly, this transforms the garden ‘shed’ and ‘greenhouse’ into a pretty outdoors building that can be utilised in many more ways.  What better way to entertain friends in the summer, than by sitting in the pleasing warmth of an outdoor, organic conservatory, filled with the heady and aromatic smell of warm tomatoes?  Or sitting down to read the newspaper?  Beautifully-designed products such as these can offer the amateur gardener so much more than simply ‘a greenhouse’ or ‘a shed’.

Another beautiful example is the RHS Grand Vinehouse, available at Gabriel Ash, providing a substantial outdoor space for those fortunate enough to have a lot more space to play with!  This impressive wooden greenhouse offers the gardener a truly substantial space not only to garden, but to relax, enjoy a cup of tea and chat with friends.

So if you’re looking for a greenhouse in your garden (something that is much-needed in this cold British weather!), why not consider something different from the usual steel and glass – bring some warmth to your garden in more ways than one, with a beautifully-made wooden greenhouse from Gabriel Ash.


  1. I like your posts, they range from planting to practical equipments for use in the garden. Keep up with the variations.

  2. What a great idea something that is both practical and looks great. With our changeable weather it always pays to have somewhere to sit out of the cold and wet.

  3. very nice post, its i also very good in looking, we cant say that this is house made for gardening purpose. This will be very good in wet or cold days. I like your concept, I also work on this. Keep it up.



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