Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Sweet Sight of Success: Sweet Pepper Seedlings!

They may not look like much, especially in comparison to the thriving vegetable seedlings that have been growing rapidly over the past 3 weeks, but believe it or not, these tiny sprouts have got me very excited indeed.

Last year, I planted several chilli and sweet pepper seeds with absolutely no success whatsoever.  I'm not sure whether the conditions had not been right, whether I had a bad batch of seeds, or whether the weather had simply been too cold, but 2012's attempts at chillis and peppers was a non-starter.  This year, I have been determined to have another bash at sweet peppers and utilise hot, sunny spaces, such as my mini greenhouse and the sunlight in my attic.

As you can see, these tiny seedlings have germinated and I currently have about a dozen that I am hoping to grow into fully-fledged plants ready for a summer crop of delicious sweet peppers. 

As a novice growing sweet pepper, I'd be delighted to hear from all of you with experience growing these plants, with the findings and comments turned into a blog post to share that knowledge with the entire London Vegetable Garden community.

Comment in the box below, tweet me @londonveggarden or come and leave a comment on the wall of our Facebook page, Urban Gardeners!

I look forward to hearing from you all!


  1. I tried to grow sweet peppers and chillis last year from seed with no success. This year I had sown around 20 of each, kept them warm and around 90% of them have germinated! I'm going to have to start giving them as gifts :)

    Great blog btw, really helpful to a newbie like me.

  2. Hi

    Managed to grow this last year, although not from seed, from a plant:

    This was about as big as it got which was approximately the size of a satsuma, they ripened slightly and I ate them and they tasted fine, there were about 4 in total.

    The reason for their stunted growth was I think the terrible weather as none of my crops fared well last year. The Chilli peppers that had been very successful in 2011 were very few last year also. I am growing a chilli pepper from a seed I took from one of the chillis of 2011, it is about as big as your seedling, hoping for more sun this year!


  3. Gardening is very exciting activity, its so cheerful moment to see tiny seedlings germinating. Peppers are one of the easiest and most satisfying vegetable plants to grow. Growing green peppers can be an ideal option for any would-be gardener.



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