Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Too Cold? Maximise the Longer Sunlight with Greenhouses and Cold-Frames!

The clocks have gone forward and it’s official now British Summer Time!  However, the continued cold snap (and snow in more northern parts of the country!) have left many of us still waiting for spring, let alone summer!

Nevertheless, it’s time to start thinking about planting seeds and getting ready for the summer – it will come eventually!  But how do gardeners protect seeds, young plants and seedlings in this continued cold weather?  Many of you have been emailing me, or contacting me on Facebook or Twitter, asking what to do in this protracted cold weather.  Well, greenhouses and cold-frames provide a perfect helping hand.

At Gabriel Ash, there is a truly magnificent range of greenhouses, in all shapes and styles, perfect to suit any garden.  Whether you’re looking for a freestanding greenhouse, a lean-to, or even a magnificent vine house, Gabriel Ash has something for you.

I’m a huge fan of the Royal Horticultural Society, and Gabriel Ash has a dedicated range that has been endorsed by the RHS: follow this link to see the range.  Glasshouses and shed / greenhouse combinations complete the extensive range of greenhouses on offer.

However, cold-frames are also vitally important to the gardener in this cold British weather.  Cold-frames are commonly used as a stopgap between greenhouse and planting outside, ‘hardening off’ young plants and vegetables and getting them used to life outside of the greenhouse.  However, for those working with a smaller garden space, then can still be just as effective as a greenhouse.

At Gabriel Ash, there is a wonderful range of coldframes to suit any garden, including the Baby Grand, the Grand Coldframe and the Upright Coldframe.  For those of you with less space (I started out gardening on a balcony, remember!), the Grand Upright could be a useful design, making maximum use of limited space.

So although it’s still cold outside, gardeners can really make use of the longer sunlight hours, using the warmth and protection of cold-frames and a greenhouse to get started growing plants and vegetables despite the weather: take a look at the full range today.

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  1. I am volunteet for Commob Growth, a community gardeb in New Cross gate. How can I get in touch? We are promoting workshops that may be of interest for your readers



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