Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pots & Planters: A Vegetable Gardeners Best Friend!

Quite simply, I love pots and planters.  

When I started the London Vegetable Garden on my Hackney balcony, it was imperative to make good use of containers: gardening in the air, on concrete, necessitated it!  However, even though I now have the luxury of a garden in my Peak District cottage, I’m still a huge advocate of containers and pots, for the simple reason that they offer the gardener a great deal of flexibility.


On the rare occasions that sunshine actually does fall on the British Isles, it’s essential to make the most of it!  Planting vegetables in wooden garden planters such as those available at UK Water Features allows gardeners to move plants around as required to make maximum use of the weather.  Planting in wooden garden planters allows you to freely move your vegetables around without disturbing the roots – which is vital to ensure the plants remain happy and healthy!


Whilst plastic flowerpots are cheap and readily available, they are not the most picturesque of garden sights!  Using wooden garden planters in the garden is far more aesthetically-pleasing, whilst the variety of colours available ensure that gardeners can apply a personal touch, as well as ensuring that their pots and planters fit in around the garden!

Soil-less areas

And of course, wooden planters can allow budding gardeners to create planting areas when space may be limited or actual earth is not available!  Patios, driveways, paved areas: planters and pots allow you to create an environment for planting all kinds of vegetables and plants.  When I started the London Vegetable Garden blog on my balcony, I would have been lost without pots and planters!


My friends at UK Water Features have a huge range of wooden pots and planters, demonstrating the impressive range of products on the market today.  Whether you’re looking for a convenient pot or planter to grow tomatoes in, a raised planter for serious vegetable gardening, or an elegant design to place some ornamental plants in, there really is something for everyone!

To see the full range of wooden garden planters, please visit the UK Water Features website today!


  1. lunaform.com is a coastal Maine studio producing handmade, all weather garden containers. All pieces are hand turned on wheels, in concrete, and completely steel reinforced, and are available in a wide variety of natural color and textural finishes. Located 30 minutes from Mount Desert Island in Sullivan, Maine. This website was designed and built by Phid Lawless, co-owner of Lunaform.



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