Saturday, 14 April 2012

Peak Planting: A Brand New Chapter!

It's time for a big adventure and a new challenge - luckily Skip Hire Derby is on hand to support... so what am I up to?  It's time for a completely new chapter.

Last year, my wife and I discussed the prospect of leaving London and starting a completely new life somewhere. Both of us had enjoyed London immensely over a decade; however we both felt like it was the right time in life to move on to our next adventure.

In the summer of 2011, we made the move up north to a beautiful little cottage in the Peak District, complete with (fanfare please) a garden! An actual garden!

With spring arriving (albeit in snowy fits and starts), I felt that the time was right for a completely new chapter in the life of the London Vegetable Garden. Back in 2009, planting a few vegetable seeds on my London flat balcony and starting a blog about it became a real passion for me, awakening a genuine hobby that I had no idea I possessed.

Readers that have been with me since the beginning will know that I then embarked upon an allotment adventure, courtesy of two lovely old ladies down in Richmond. The past year or so has been quiet, namely because I had to give the allotment up, then all of the upheaval with a huge move and a new job.

But I'm pleased to say that I am now embarking on yet another great chapter with the London Vegetable Garden. So what does the future hold for this blog and my organic odyssey?

Firstly, the name. I realise that I am now a rather large geographical distance from London, which makes the name of this blog rather spurious. However, as someone who works in marketing, I also know how important a brand is, and I believe the London Vegetable Garden has built up a fantastic following of wonderful people who all know the blog as it stands. However, despite the different location, the premise remains: I am committed to blogging about my adventures in the garden and showing everyone that growing your own vegetables is simple, easy and enjoyable, regardless of space.

Which moves us on nicely to the second point – the space! Here is a photo of my garden:

This is the section of the garden set aside for growing vegetables in the ground. The space is approximately 5' by 4'.

This space at the bottom of the garden is all patio and paving slabs; however this is where I plan to grow plenty of crops in pots, aiming to show people how easy it can be to grow vegetables in small spaces.

And finally, the garden has a beautiful stream and some woodland at the bottom - here is a photograph showing the beautiful scenery:

So, if you are still with me dear reader, thank you for sticking with me and I hope that you thoroughly enjoy the next chapter in the life of the London Vegetable Garden – up north! And remember, you can follow all of my planting adventures by following me on Twitter - @londonveggarden.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful situation. I'm just starting to try veg in a container for the first time, so will follow with interest!

  2. It is indeed! Seems a far cry from the balcony in Hackney - although I plan to stay true to my 'roots' and show people how much can (hopefully) be achieved in a small space. Thanks for following! Callum

  3. Good luck and enjoy your garden



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