Sunday, 15 April 2012

And We're Off!

This weekend, I made the most of the good weather and decided to get cracking on this year's vegetables. A sunny Saturday morning was spent turning out the shed (which resulted in a trip to the tip!) and turning it into a potting shed for me to do my gardening.

Cup of tea freshly brewed, I started sorting through my seed collection and seeing which ones I wanted to plant again this year. Once that had been decided (and a second cup of tea made), I then started to plant up a wide array of seeds.

I have not taken many pictures, but have planted the following this weekend:

Runner beans
French beans

I have potted these up using multi-purpose compost and laid them out indoors, while the seeds germinate and grow into seedlings. The weather is still far too unpredictable to plant directly in the soil – we still have some snow on the hills around us in the Peak District! I have covered the tops of the plant pots with cling film, which acts as a propagator lid and keeps some of the heat and moisture in. The position under the skylight should allow the seeds to grow nicely and get the few bits of sunshine and warmth that we get during the day!

As well as the seedlings inside, I have experimented with placing some seeds outside, albeit in a greenhouse. I purchased the greenhouse for £19.99 and it will provide me with extra space to plant seeds outside (under shelter), while turning into a really good space to grow warmth-loving plants such as tomatoes when summer finally arrives.

As always, I will be reporting my progress over the next few weeks on the blog. However, you can follow mw on Twitter - @londonveggarden – or 'like' the London Vegetable Garden on Facebook for regular updates and pictures throughout the week.

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