Monday, 1 March 2010


Well folks, it’s official – the London Vegetable Garden is, quite literally, moving on to pastures new!

After an incredibly enjoyable year attempting (and in some cases, succeeding!) to grow vegetables from the confines of a Hackney balcony, my better half and I are moving to Richmond.

Now, our new flat has no garden or balcony, but I am determined not to let this stop my progress and passion for gardening. The London Vegetable Garden will continue – providing I can find a share of an allotment space or the use of someone’s garden!

I have signed up to ‘Landshare’ – the Channel 4 website that aims to match landowners with vegetable growers – you can see my profile by clicking here.

As you can imagine, demand for allotments is higher than ever before, so it’s going to be a difficult goal to achieve. However, if anyone reading this knows anyone in or around Richmond with some spare allotment space, half a garden they wouldn’t mind giving up, or any green space at all, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

I’m moving in April and ideally would love to secure a small space in March ready for April. If anyone fancies teaming up with the London Vegetable Garden and helping me to continue this great project, please spread the word! Know anyone in Richmond with an old garden or allotment? Tell them to get in touch!

If you want to discuss this with me in further detail, you can reach me in the following ways:

Email me!

So please – help me to keep my organig odyssey alive!

Many thanks,



  1. Good luck with your quest. I suppose you've already contacted the council regarding an allotment? Also, how about popping down to your local allotment site and having a word with someone there. They might know someone who wants some help, or who will allow you to use part of their plot.

  2. For a minute there I got scared that you wouldn't have a balcony vegetable garden anymore - I recently began following your blog after searching for tips on growing on balconies on Google, as I am about to attempt a similar venture on my Coventry balcony. So, keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your balcony-growing adventures!

  3. Good luck in your quest. I would suggest getting on the waiting list for the allotment you choose ASAP. I've only had my allotment for a short time but have found that while I was waiting I got no information at all until the phone call to say I had one but since then I have learned that quite a few people would be more than happy to have some help so I am going to suggest to you that you try to place an advert (most allotments have notice boards) to help while you are on the waiting list. Hopefully you'll get offered a bed or your own for helping. I'm helping a mate of mine in this way after he read my blog. Once again I wish you good luck and hope you can continue your veggie journey and keep us entertained.

  4. Thanks for all of the kind comments so far - I'm glad my humble little project has connected with so many people! I think that placing an ad at the local allotments is a great idea - especially since the waiting lists have been closed with a 10-year wait! I have had one possible lead from the landshare website, so that too, may come to fruition, if you'll excuse the pun! Thank you to everyone for all their support - & remember, please continue to spread the word & network for Richmond contacts! Callum.

  5. Good luck with the future move and extra goodluck in your quest to find some growing space.

    I look forward to reading your future gardening adventures.

  6. Good luck with your move! I shall miss the view of your current balcony but hope that your organic adventure will continue. You can still grow salady things on your kitchen window sill :-) Looking forward to reading about your gardening adventures soon.



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