Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bulb Update

When re-reading this post before publishing, I noticed a typo – 'blub update' – although this may be more of an apt title! I have been shedding plenty of tears (in my mind, at least) over the bulbs I purchased a few weeks back.

This cold weather has really hit the London Vegetable Garden balcony hard. I think that all of my plants out there at the moment must be distant cousins of Bear Grylls! Although they are surviving, there has been no progress in any of my external flower bulbs.

On the plus side, I always like to experiment with my gardening efforts – after all, trial and error is one of the best ways to learn. I planted a few bulbs in pots to keep inside, and one of my daffodil bulbs has been flourishing in the bathroom:

I can honestly say, with absolutely no exaggeration, that every time I've been into the bathroom, I have noticed a visible change in the height or shape of these leaves. The bathroom window they live next to is sunny for a large part of the day, and being a bathroom, is also fairly humid at times. I attribute this indoor growth to the warmth, whilst my poor old outdoor bulbs are left outside in these freezing temperatures!

I hope to see some change in the outside bulbs soon. After all, it's a lot milder now that the snow has finally gone, and bulbs are notorious for surviving in the ground all year round. I imagine that when it becomes more spring-like outside, we'll see similar results to the artificial spring inside!


  1. There's such a difference between indoor and outdoor plants at this time of year, especially when we've had such a cold spell as we have had recently. I'm sure that now the weather has improved somewhat you will start to see some growth from the outdoor bulbs.

  2. just caught up with your post Callum. Don't despair. Bet you've seen quite a bit of progress in the last couple weeks... even the snowdrops seem to be late this year.

  3. I comforted myself with watching my amaryllis (hippeastrun whatever) growing too - sadly now it is al over



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