Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Luscious Lawns: Grass as the Plant we Always Forget!

When gardening, it is so easy to get wrapped up in various flowers, plants and vegetables, that gardeners can often forget the plants beneath their very feet: grass!

From lush lawns to wild gardens, the turf beneath our feet contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of our gardens much more than we give it credit for.  

If you’re looking for some turf-based inspiration, the London Lawn Turf company is the perfect place to start.   The leading turf suppliers in London and the Home Counties, this business specialises in providing high quality turf that will help you to achieve a professional finish in your garden or at your commercial premises.

And it’s not only grass that the London Lawn Turf company provides: top dressing, compost, bark and even lawn fertiliser can be purchased on the company’s website, allowing you to create a superb garden lawn and a wonderful outside space for your home.

And if like me, you’re a novice when it comes to laying grass, fear not!  The London Lawn Turf company has a range of really handy videos on its website that provide useful hints, tips and practical advice, from how to lay turf properly, to aftercare and keeping your lawn turf fresh and beautiful!

The regular blog posts and articles on seasonal care are also a truly invaluable resource for all of your grass-related gardening needs, covering everything from water retention to top design trends.  

In addition to all of this superb content, the London Lawn Turf company provides a range of competitive prices, superb products and experienced know-how.  If you’re looking to spruce up your turf, take a look at the London Lawn Turf company today.


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  2. I didn't do any prep at all to amend the soil. Just opened the bag, sprinkled it by hand onto the dead lawn, and watered. Voila, we have grass! smallest leaf blower



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