Monday, 1 July 2013

Watering: Plants That Are Irrigated, Not Irritated!

As any gardener knows, ensuring your plants and vegetables get sufficient water is vital, especially during the summer months.  But did you know, it’s equally important to ensure that plants aren’t over-watered, or left in water-clogged soil and drowned: something that the wet confines of my Peak District vegetable garden knows only too well!

Maybe you’re going on holiday this summer too: what happens if you don’t have a friendly neighbour to hand to help you water your plants?  Well, plant watering and irrigation solutions can help vegetable gardeners to ensure plants get well watered, as well as ensuring that plants are watered constantly rather than drowned.

Greenhouse watering is especially important, given the hot temperatures that vegetable plants are exposed to inside.  A range of different watering and irrigation systems exist to help you water vegetables in your greenhouse, including drip and spray kits, as well as timer systems, ensuring that your plants are watered automatically when you are not around to do it yourself.  Click on this link to take a look at some suitable products.

On the London Vegetable Garden blog, I have been a long-term champion of ‘growing your own’ indoors.  However, busy lifestyles, coupled with hot summer days, can often dry out small pots of plants on windowsills very quickly.  In this instance, I would recommend looking at a product such as these self-watering trays, mats and systems.

Finally, I love anything that is natural, organic and great for the environment: and although not a particularly ‘high-tech’ solution, harvesting natural rainwater remains one of the best ways to keep your plants watered and happy!  A water butt should be a staple in any environmentally-friendly garden.

If you have enjoyed reading about the variety of garden watering systems in this blog post, why not look to see how these handy pieces of kit can keep your plants happy and irrigated rather than sad and irritated!


  1. having a really well throughout Irrigation system can save you time and really beneficial for your plants

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