Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Perfect Planters

When I started a vegetable garden on my London balcony, planters and containers were an absolute godsend – on a concrete balcony, one simply HAS to have a good selection of planters and containers. Now that I have made the transition from London balcony to Peak District garden however, this does not mean that I no longer have any need for containers – far from it!
Planning a garden is an enjoyable experience. And containers really add a degree of flexibility, style and ease of use. Here’s a rundown of why I love using containers in the London Vegetable Garden.
From month to month (and even week to week in the peak summer season), plants take on a life of their own. A few neatly arranged pots can quickly become an amalgamated mass of unruly plants, whilst those suddenly flowering can clash with their surrounding neighbours. Containers and planters allow the gardener to move plants around with no interference to roots, allowing you to rearrange your garden and keep it interesting all summer, and year, round.
Say ‘container’ or ‘planter’, and many people instantly start thinking about cheap plastic containers obtained cheaply from garden centres or pound shops. But there exists a whole wealth of planters and containers that are stylish, beautifully made and really add an ambiance to the garden in their own right. Depending on style, a well-planted container can completely transform the look of the garden. Some of my favourite planters and containers can be found here. As shown from the pictures below, planters and containers come in all styles, shapes and sizes and can fit into any garden, adding class, style and make excellent features.

Garden rescue!
Like much of the UK, my garden has spent most of this summer under a blanket of dark grey cloud and rain. But the plants I have in containers have been salvaged due to their portability. As overhanging trees and bushes have grown, blocking out natural light, I have been able to move those plants in containers to new, sunny positions, rescuing tired tomatoes and miffed marigolds. Containers allow you to shift plants around according to the season, keeping plants in the best possible position for them to flourish.
In summary, planters and containers are a wonderful asset to the gardener, whether in a sprawling country garden, or on a small urban balcony. Combined with the right plants or flowers, a planter’s visual aesthetic can produce a stunning effect, adding colour, style and architectural lines to any garden.
Have any of you experimented with planters or containers? If so, we’d love to see your examples. Feel free to upload your photos on our Facebook page. For a great selection of timeless, classic planters and containers for your garden, I recommend the product range available at Garden Trading.


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