Thursday, 9 June 2011

Floral Fathers' Day!

Let’s face it; Fathers’ Day is very much like Christmas in the fact that dads everywhere expect a deluge of tired, unoriginal presents – cue copious quantities of socks, aftershave and slippers!

So with Fathers’ Day fast approaching in the UK, what inspiration can one fine in the garden, down on the allotment or even on the balcony? What seasonal shrubbery can create a unique Fathers’ day gift?

In the garden…

I remember growing primroses and bunching these up for my mum on Mothers’ Day – and for fathers, the garden provides a veritable wealth of goods. From roses and pot plants to some lovingly-grown vegetables, giving a gift that you’ve laboured over and grown yourself can be an excellent and thoughtful gift - the Asiatic Lilies photographed at the top of the page were grown on a balcony in Hackney - so you can do it to!

Flowers – not just for mums!

That’s right – there’s such a high percentage of male gardeners, yet many people consider flowers feminine – yet this is so far from the truth! Men appreciate flowers too, especially if they are avid gardeners. The shapes, forms, colours, architectural beauty – and there’s plenty of help on hand if your current gardening is lacking a certain oomph at present!

There are some amazing flowers to be had, just check out some of the florists in London for some examples. You could take a look at the other flower gifts available at Interflora, which has an excellent range of flowers and plants in stock especially for Fathers’ Day.

And finally…

And if you’re looking for a little extra to say a big thank you to you dad, you don't have to stop at flowers. Wine, sweet hampers, whiskey or luxury breakfast hampers – there’s a truly fantastic range of Fathers' Day gifts available to purchase online.

Happy present hunting – and Happy Fathers’ Day to all of the London Vegetable Garden’s dads!


  1. On June 19th, my dad's getting a basket of whatever is ready to harvest from my vegetable garden!

    He's 83 and doesn't eat much these days but he does like fresh produce, straight from the veg plot and cooked immediately.

  2. My husband got an olive tree this year from our younger son!

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