Sunday, 19 September 2010

September Seeds...

With September now getting chillier by the day, it's time to start clearing up the allotment and sorting out seeds for next year. My runner bean plants are still providing me with a handful of runner beans each visit, but there are many pods that have shrivelled up and turned brown and papery.

However, this is all according to plan, since these pods will now contain seeds...


  1. Ooh, I didn't know they were called runner beans, and I've never seen ones that were purple!! That's very cool, I'm really enjoying your blog so far.

  2. What fantastic coloured beans!

  3. That is the colour beans go when they are ready to drop from the mother plant as seeds.

    Great post Callum on the joys of allotment gardening here in the UK.

  4. Hi Callum, I have sowed some long bean seeds...but nothing has germinated yet. This morning I have just sown some sunflower seeds...cross my fingers..I hope they will germinate successfully.

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  5. Wow,

    I love it's color.

    I really love different veggies, but I've never saw that one before.

  6. My "pomodoro's" didn't go so well this year either... Actually nothing! I did much better with the cherry tomatoes. So now I'm trying something a little daring - winter tomatoes!

    Yes, I am seeding winter pomodoro inside so they will be strong in time for summer and produce an abundant crop (so I'm told)...

  7. can we grow red beans from these seeds?

  8. The beans looked fantastic! Don't be too disheartened about the tomatoes, there's a definite knack for getting them to thrive. Persevere!

  9. Now this is a very unique hub. Great info and thank you for providing some very useful info. If more people would plant seeds instead of just throwing them away, we might actually be able to help restore some of the damage we're doing to our planet.



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